Community Awareness & Prevention




BE AWARE of who your child spends time with, you are allowed to know who, what, when, & why on your child and check up on them DAILY!


ENCOURAGE open communication with your child(ren).


BE MORE involved in your child’s day to day activities and social life….NO MATTER HOW OLD THEY ARE!


DO NOT put child’s first name on items. 

This puts your child on a first name basis with anyone.


MONITOR their electronics and internet via email, texting, social network site, etc (Facebook, snap chat, twitter, gaming stations, etc). Who are they Following & who is Following them!


EDUCATE them on Privacy…To NOT post personal info or pictures with personal info

(ie posting pictures wearing their school logo or of them in front of their house showing their house # etc.). This makes them easier to locate.


UNDERSTAND that no one should want to be with your child more than You.  

When someone is showing your child too much attention, ask yourself why.


LISTEN when your child tells you that he or she does not want to be with or go with someone else.


TEACH your children they have a right to say “NO!”.


QUESTION any money or gifts your child brings home.


KNOW the signs that a child may have been assaulted.


BELIEVE your children if they say they have been assaulted.


IF YOU FEEL there is CONCERN of an individual(s), call your local law enforcement

and ask.