· Training Length: 2 hours

· Format: Online or Facilitator-led

· Languages: English and Spanish

· Staff Tracking: Score and Completion Tracking Available

· CPE: TEA-approved for 2 credit hours*


Why choose Darkness to Light's

Stewards of  Children?

· It is a free training available to all Texas school district and open-enrollment charter school employees.

· It is the only nationally available, scientifically evaluated prevention training program of its kind.

· Its evidence-informed platform addresses the needs of geographically and socioeconomically diverse campuses of all sizes.

· It takes a compassionate, engaging approach to child sexual abuse prevention using a combination of survivor stories, expert advice, and practical guidance.

· It offers convenience and ease of use for districts through online individual training, facilitator-led group sessions, and train the trainer opportunities.

· It provides the ability to track, monitor, and maintain training records for all school personnel as required by Texas law (TEC § 38.0041(d)).

· It may be provided in coordination with partnering districts, Education Service Centers (ESCs), Children's Advocacy Centers (CACs), and other community organizations to strengthen local training efforts.

· It is approved by the Texas Education Agency (TEA), and eligible for Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits.



It provides administrators, faculty, and staff with the knowledge and tools to effectively recognize and respond to child sexual abuse.


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Also check out the Darkness to Light training created for educating adults

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